Vita Visual Novel ‘Otoko Yukaku’ Receives New Japanese Trailer

Although they are still gaining acceptance in English-speaking regions, visual novels have been best buddies with consoles in Japan for a long time.  One of the latest games, Otoko Yukaku, is poised for release this month on Vita.

This otome game is based on the concept of a “red light district” where all the workers are men instead of women. The protagonist is a woman who apparently seeks out the company of these fellows. Despite the concept, as with all console releases, CG sequences do not go further than kissing scenes.

D3 released a new trailer for Otoko Yukuku which shows off all the handsome guys available to players. It will launch on February 19 in Japan and is currently not announced for North American or European release. However, you can play Forbidden Romance: The Men of Yoshiwara (which is its original smartphone release) in English via iOS devices.