Receive Even More Starter Pokémon Later This Month

If you haven’t used the Pokémon Bank system in awhile, it’s time to dust it off and warm it up. Later this month, there will be three special Johto starters available to users of the online application.

You’ll get Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr all with their Hidden Abilities available for use. Meganium has Leaf Guard which protects it from status conditions in sunlight. Typhlosion comes with Flash Fire to power up its Fire-type attacks by 50%. Feraligatr’s Hidden Ability is Sheer Force which eliminates secondary actions of an attack, but does give them a hefty power boost.

This giveaway coincides with the distribution of the Unova starters; this is definitely a great way to let fans catch them all without going too crazy trading. Start getting your Johto Pokémon February 27 all the way until November 30. More information can be found here.