Nintendo to Advertise New 3DS XL During The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul

Nintendo of America announced on their Twitter today that the New 3DS XL commercials will air for the first time during the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead and series premiere of Better Call Saul. Both series air on the AMC network.

Note that The Walking Dead, a series about struggling to survive in a hazardous zombie apocalypse, and Better Call Saul, a spinoff series about a sleazy lawyer who eventually worked with a documented meth cook, aren’t particularly family-friendly programs. Nintendo is known for a more general audience with their products, so it’s odd that Nintendo would advertise during these clearly mature television events.

Still, it’s good that Nintendo is trying to advertise their new handheld, especially during TV shows that are likely to have plenty of people watching.

The New 3DS XL launches in North America on February 13.