Disgaea 5 Gets Quite Possibly the Weirdest Trailer Ever

We expect Japanese video game trailers to be weird, but we’re always shocked when they push the boundaries of what exactly that word means. Nippon Ichi have today released a trailer where an arcade game called “Punch Man II” is first hit by a man in a gi. He does well, packing 75kg of force, but it’s simply not enough to do any real damage to the in-game karate master.

An older Japanese man then decides to have a go at it by lifting up a giant wrecking ball with a crane and slamming it into the arcade cabinet, completely obliterating it with a whopping 6.26 million kg of roce.

Apparently, this is the gravity of the action Disgaea 5 brings to the table.

It seriously must be seen to be believed, so check it out below (we’ve put together a screenshot gallery below the trailer for our video-challenged readers):