Dragon Age Inquisition Gets Beta Program For Patch 5

Still riding the success of their superb Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware are continuing to issue patches and updates to their RPG hit. Patch 5, however, will have a bit more to it.

Bioware announced today that they are opening up a special beta program for select PC players to test Patch 5. The participants will be in a “closed, developer-like environment” to evaluate the patch’s improvements.

The beta will give players access to the Black Emporium, a shop that sells items, tools, crafting materials, schematics, and equipment. The Black Emporium will even offer voice and facial appearance changes with the Mirror of Transformation.

In addition to the Emporium, other changes like subtitle size, graphics options refinements, and bindings for additional mouse button will be available during the beta. Undercroft party storage, a widely requested feature for the game, will also be added, in addition to a single-player auto-attack key and the ability to change armor colors through crafting.

The beta is not currently scheduled for the public, but players will be able to sign up for the beta in the near future.