Bayonetta 2 Director Talks Again About Wanting to Continue the Franchise

There’s a reason why Bayonetta 2 mopped up the competition last year when it came to game awards time (hint: it’s because it’s really good). Certainly, though, a lot of folks were fans of the series long before the sequel was released. However, Bayo 2 really helped solidify the franchise as a top entry in the action genre. Hence, it should come as no surprise to hear Yusuke Hashimoto, once again, express his interest in a third game.

In the latest issue of GamesMaster, a brief interview with Hashimoto is featured. One of the questions GamesMaster asks is which game sequel Yusuke would like to work on. Of course, he pointed to a desire to create Bayonetta 3, or even a spin-off, saying the following:

A sequel to a Platinum title… I’d have to say Bayonetta 3. I have all kinds of ideas in my head for how to expand the world of Bayonetta in even more sequels, or maybe a spin-off!

Of course, this isn’t the first time Hashimoto has spoken about a third Bayonetta game. In fact, last summer he talked about wanting to continue “nurturing” the franchise. Once we combine this with Hideki Kamiya’s talks about wanting to make a 3DS spin-off featuring Jeanne, it almost seems like a foregone conclusion that Bayonetta 3 will grace us at some point in the future. It is still probably a ways off, but here’s hoping all of this chatter brings forth a third game.