HuniePop’s Valentine Update Gives Lonely Gamers Closure

Though being alone is rough any day of the year, it stings especially hard on February 14th. But while all those stupid happy jerks and their stupid happy significant others are out spending too much on wine and fancy food, we lonely hearts can take solace in the arms of some top-tier waifus. In honor of this miserable day HuniePot released a slew of new content and balance changes for their match-three smut vector HuniePop, including new CG, a proper ending, and a few post-game features. The new ending isn’t much – just a short congratulatory conversation with Kyu – but does provide a bit of closure to those not aiming for 100%.

Players who do want to ride the game out to completion will have an easier time of it thanks to a few smart changes. Once you’ve viewed the ending, you’ll be able to select date locations with girls you’ve taken home and buy gifts directly from their collection screens, which significantly reduces the need to rely on RNG. You’ll also be twice as likely to get detail questions, which makes filling out profiles much quicker. If you’re looking for an extra puzzle challenge, you can hand Kyu all twelve of the game’s collectible pairs of panties to activate the endless “Alpha Mode,” which causes each subsequent date to get harder indefinitely.

Those who play the game for that one other reason will be pleased to note that Kyu’s tepid final CG image has been replaced by something considerably more exciting. Bedroom scenes in general have also been improved, and this is detailed in what might be the single best patch note ever written:

  • Your date’s bra will fall off halfway through the bedroom bonus round.

Though I’m not sure anyone will be able to enjoy the improvement and complete that blasted minigame at the same time.