Legend of Kay HD Possibly Revealed, Appears to be for Wii U

Legend of Kay was a PlayStation 2 game that was eventually ported to the DS many moons ago. As a action-platformer of sorts, the game garnered quite the following and became something of a cult-hit. While there are a slew of underground classics that have ardent fan-followings, not many of them eventually get a re-release — and an HD re-release at that — simply due to their lack of finding mainstream, and thereby financial, success. Hence, when a game like this comes along and gets announced for a high-def release, our ears perk up.

It would seem that Legend of Kay is one of those games that is indeed headed for HD-town. The game first appeared on Amazon Germany a few weeks ago as “Legend of Kay Anniversary,” but has now popped up on Amazon U.S., as well. Legend of Kay HD’s Amazon listing has given it a $25 price-tag and a tentative May 29 release.

Though Nordic Games have yet to comment on this, all signs are pointing to it actually being a thing. If his ends up a reality, it would be a fun title for Wii U owners to get their hands on. Better yet, it’s so incredibly rare these days to get a 3rd-party retail release on Nintendo’s Wii successor. We’ll see if anything comes to fruition, though. So keep an ear to the ground as more news comes out.