New Season of Diablo III Has Begun

The race to become the world’s fastest and most dedicated demon slayer begins as Season 2 kicks off.

“Seasons” are a competitive ladder mode for the PC version of Diablo III. As in the previous season, players will start with a clean slate; no items, stash or artisan upgrades. You can compete against your friends, clan mates and regional peers for a place on three leaderboards: Greater Rifts are timed, randomized dungeons that become increasingly difficult with each level. Conquests are special Season-only achievements that place the first 1000 players to complete them. Finally, your overall achievement score will also rank you.

Season 2 will include exclusive legendary items (including gems), new conquests and transmogrifications (item skins). The game’s most recent patch, 2.1.2, also brought significant changes including the addition of Ancient items (more powerful legendaries/sets), a new bottomless potion and added or modified powers to existing legendary items.

Provided the servers maintain stability, it should all have begun.