Get a Sneak Peak at an Early Sunset Overdrive Prototype

Whenever game developers take the time to show early game footage, it’s almost always mindblowing. When independent studio Supergiant Games showed off an extremely early build of 2014’s PlayStation 4 Game of the Year, Transistor, at PAX Prime 2014, they were overwhelmingly praised by the show audience. On this week’s Sunset TV, we get to take a look at an early prototype of Sunset Overdrive in order to see how Insomniac’s skill meter has evolved over time (that was three video game puns in one sentence, if you’re counting). Initially, the skill meter was geared towards miniature challenges, as the iconic traversal system simply didn’t exist yet. Take a look for yourself at the footage, and try not to be so shocked when you realize how colorless Sunset Overdrive once was.