Strafe Gets a Demo on its Last Days of Kickstarter -Update- Funded

Strafe has been doing pretty well for itself on Kickstarter, pulling in a healthy stream of backers but still not quite making its goal yet.  With under two days left on the clock it’s time to take serious action to secure that final $20,000, (-Updated- A few hours later and it’s fully funded!) and that means its demo time!  The Strafe speed-run demo was released today, and while it’s a buggy pre-alpha mess of coding it’s also a playable chunk of game.  Get past the disclaimers about how broken it is (Pixel Titans are completely, unquestionably, exceptionally clear that this is a long way off from being representative of the final game) and there’s a fun chunk of gory low-poly shooting happening here.

The demo is missing a lot of features such as mouse invert, the procedural level generation that will drive the game’s action, and enemy AI, but it’s got low-poly enemies you can decapitate with a shotgun to paint the level with gore.  The single mode is a speed run where you need to kill 90% of the level’s enemies if you can survive to the end of the run, complete with a working leaderboard.  There are already four enemies in the game, each distinct from each other, and some nice arenas to dismember them in.  The three different guns are fairly vanilla, coming in shot-, machine- and rail-gun style, but they feel nice and act exactly like you’d hope.  All told its a great little demo, keeping in mind just how early Strafe is in its development cycle.

Apparently it’s an effective one too, because when I started writing this the finish line was $20,000 off and now it’s down to $12,000.  If you’d like to see how effective, head on by and give the demo a look.  With any luck, by the time you get there it will be time for a stretch goal or two.

-Update- Well that didn’t take long at all.  Congratulations to the Strafe team on and all their backers on blowing past the initial goal and moving towards whatever goodies the future may hold.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what this develops into.