Capturing Screenshots Now Available on Xbox One Through Preview Program

According to a post on Microsoft’s Xbox Wire blog, a host of new features just rolled out to the Xbox One’s preview program, including the long-requested ability to take screenshots natively in-game, among other features. Microsoft also included a video explaining the new features, which we’ve embedded below.

To capture a screenshot during gameplay, you simply tap the Xbox button on your controller twice, then if you’d like to save it, press the Y button; alternatively, you can use the voice command “Xbox take a screenshot” to automatically take and save a screenshot in the background without pressing any buttons if you have the Kinect. Screenshots can now be managed through the Upload app, which previously only managed game clips, and those screenshots can be set as the background for the Dashboard.

Suggested friends is another new feature for the system, which will populate the Friends area with people you might know and want to be friends with, which might include people your friends are friends with or “top community broadcasters and clip creators.” You can also now set your profile to display your real name to either your friends only or to Xbox Live at large, affording players a bit more control; there’s also a new privacy setting to allow you to opt-in to sharing your voice data whenever you use Xbox Bing to search, presumably to improve the accuracy of voice interpretation, but the post on Xbox Wire doesn’t really say what they’ll do with that data.

There are a couple more new changes as well, including setting tile transparency and finally including Australia with many of the more TV-focused features of the Xbox One, but those are the highlights. If you’re in the preview program, it’s definitely worth a download to get the screenshots feature alone.