Starr Mazer Reaches Kickstarter Goal

With just 46 hours left in their Kickstarter campaign, Imagos Softworks reached their goal of $160,000 for their point n’ click shoot ’em up game’s development.

Starr Mazer promises to be a seamless synthesis of the high octane shoot ’em up, or SHMUP, genre, and the methodically paced point n’ click genre.  It will be released episodically and will feature open middled gameplay, which boasts several beginnings and endings to each episode that will fit together in a nearly endless amount of combinations.

Starr Mazer’s designer and director Don Thacker has assured us that Starr Mazer’s planned April 2016 release date is a “hard date” and that since they have made their goal, backers will assuredly receive a game next summer.  Thacker’s confidence is a relief in a time when so many doubts surround Kickstarted games.  The game will be released for PC with stretch goals for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS Vita, and 3DS versions, but with only 46 hours left in the campaign, console and handheld versions seem unlikely.