New Games Skyrocket to $74.99 in Canada

Poor Canada. Not only do they have to put up with square tires, beady little eyes and a very odd puberty, but now they have to deal with their dollar lowering against the U.S. As the dollar continues to fall with $1 CAD currently equaling $0.81 America, game publishers have been attempting to make up the difference by raising the MSRP of games in Canada. Much like the higher prices Canadian gamers faced over a decade ago, the price of new games last year raised to $69.99. That was bad enough, but now EB Games Canada and has begun to raise the prices of upcoming games to a whopping $74.99.

Dead Island 2, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance and Omega Quintet are now priced at $74.99 for pre-order at EB Games Canada, while next month’s Toukiden Kiwami is now priced at $74.99 at

Given that $74.99 CAD now equals almost exactly $59.99 USD, this move is not entirely surprisingly, but will be a bitter pill to swallow for gamers up north.