Enter the Dragon Type Online Pokémon Competition Starting Soon

Pokémon is maintaining the wonder of its unique online battles with an Enter the Dragon Type challenge. Taking its name from the great Hitmonlee movie, this competition requires that you use Dragon-type Pokémon primarily. In order to compete, you simply need to have one team member as a Dragon or one that is able to Mega Evolve into a Dragon-type.

All battles will be Doubles, which should make for a number of interesting Pokémon pairings. Having more than one Dragon-type may turn out to be a double edged sword since they’re weak to their own type. As with all Pokémon battles, the outcome will entirely depend on what your opponent brings to battle. As an extra bonus, players who compete in at least three battles will receive a special Pokémon. Though not a Dragon-type, trainers can get a Hidden Ability Amaura just for competing.

The competition begins March 12 and is only compatible with Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby versions of the game. If you need to know more, check out the rules and guidelines before you start training.