New Destiny Patch Rebalances Weapons, Adds Matchmaking to Weekly Heroic Strikes

If you’re someone who continues to power through Destiny, you may have noticed a download when you powered on your console today. Bungie has released update this morning, fixing various issues that have plagued the game in the past, while at the same time, rebalancing weapons to better suit players.

Firstly, auto rifles damage have been reduced slightly by 2.5% with specifically reduced effective ranges. The range and accuracy on hand cannons have been reduced, fusion rifle blasts have a larger burst cone, and shotguns now contain reduced high-end range values and a quicker damage falloff. Not all weapons have been nerfed as the not-so-compelling pulse rifle weapons have increased in damage by a surprisingly high 9.7%.

The biggest new addition, though, is that Bungie has added long awaited matchmaking to the Weekly Heroic Strikes. Considering how difficult these were, players had to find others online or in their friends list in order to complete it. No longer will this be the case.

These are just the highlights of the update as there’s an overwhelming amount of fixes and modifications. Bungie continues to adjust the Destiny experience, hopefully ensuring players continue their raiding until their sequel.