Secret Ponchos Updated with New Outlaws, Maps

The Hunting Grounds Update for the PlayStation 4 version of Secret Ponchos is now live and includes two new characters, two maps, an unlockable skin and more.

Gordo is a slow-moving, hard-hitting character wielding a massive gatling gun and molotov cocktail. A second DLC outlaw, The Wolf, is considerably faster, armed with a hunter’s bow and bone knife. Both characters are available at $4.99 each or $6.99 as a bundle.

The update also comes with two free maps: Plaza, a bright Spaghetti Western style area with indoor and outdoor action. The Mines, a dark and sometimes claustrophobic level filled with old mining equipment and plenty of shadows to hide in.

To ease new players into Secret Ponchos, developer Switchblade Monkeys have implemented a basic in-game tutorial and encourage players to take advantage of the Practice Mode. A detailed character guide has also been published alongside the update.