Figuring “it” out in How do you Do it?

There are many mysteries in life when you’re young, and while the internet is a font of endless information it’s still easy to not quite understand things that are obvious to an adult.  Why shouldn’t I tell everyone everything on the internet my real name and personal information?  How is it fair that someone has something and I don’t?  How do foreign languages work?  And of course one of the biggest ones- what is all that naked squishy business about?

how do you Do it? is a fee micro-game that showed up on Steam today (and has been available in a web version for a while) about a young girl playing with her dolls when her mother is out.  She apparently saw something mom would have preferred to remain private, and now curiosity is raising a head filled with embarrassing questions.  The game consists of the girl holding a male and female doll after having stripped their clothes off, spinning them about and pushing them together to “hug” in various poses.  There’s no challenge and no score, so those worried about the definition of “game” should probably steer clear, but if you’re looking for a short bit of gaming microfiction how do you Do it? perfectly illustrates the stumbling curiosity of that time when you had just enough information to get a sense of the size of the thing you didn’t know.