D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Has a Playable PC Build at GDC

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die was one of the best surprises of 2014, building upon the success of developer Swery’s cult classic Deadly Premonition. Stealth released as an Xbox One exclusive, the first episodes of the game were met with positive critical reaction before becoming more widely played as free games with gold titles. While the game has yet to be finished on Xbox One, it seems that it’s already bound for another platform.

Necrosoft Director Brandon Sheffield Tweeted the following image/picture:

He then followed it up by stating “I just played the D4 pc build. Very smooth, actions feel natural. While it’s not guaranteed to come to pc, it works!”:

Swery then teased the game coming to Steam:

So not only is the game playable on PC, but it looks like the option of bringing it to the platform is being investigated.