Super Indie Karts Beta Launches on OUYA

Super Indie Karts came to life on Kickstarter, and now, the beta is playable on the OUYA. If you didn’t pledge for the tier to gain access to the beta, you can play it for $29.99. This actually makes the game one of the most expensive one yet on the OUYA’s storefront. Super Indie Karts was part of OUYA’s Free the Game Fund, and it contains a ton of content. There are 20 characters and 12 tracks. The final product will feature more characters and over 40 tracks, with some indie gaming crossovers including Duck Game, ARES, Adventures of Pip, Canabalt, So Many Me, Toto Temple Deluxe, and others. The beta’s price is going to slide down into the $10 range as it nears the full game’s release date.