Every Pre-Owned PS Vita Game Now $7.99 (or Less) at Best Buy

It looks like Best Buy’s disdain for all things Vita is continuing. Not only did the retailer recently plummet the trade-in value of every PS Vita game to a dollar, but now they’ve discounted all pre-owned games for the handheld to just $7.99 (besides those that were already under $7.99).

Some of the games — like Unit 13 or Army Corps of Hell — are worth around $7.99, but others like the recently released Hyperdimension Neptunia PP or Akiba’s Trip routinely go for three times as much.

It’s unclear whether or not this signals phasing out the Vita altogether or just the used end, but with the PS Vita section continuing to dwindle at the retailer things aren’t looking too bright.

Head over here to check out all of the available games.