New Mortal Kombat X Screenshots Showcase Johnny Cage, Shinnok, Fuijin, Sonya in Action

Even though some other not-so-reputable sites leaked out the existence of Johnny Cage a smidge too early, we’re happy to today not only officially confirm his existence (and many others) in Mortal Kombat X, but also share his first set of screenshots. Oh, and yes, Shinnok, Fuijin and Sonya make an appearance too. The screenshots display Cage in a more serious manner, and although he’s still rocking his “Johnny” chest tattoo, it’s now partially covered by a snazzy jacket. Shinnok and Fujin show up in more story-minded shots, while Sonya is getting her back broken by Cage (just like old times).

Check out our hands-on coverage of the latest build here, The Cage Family trailer here and the screenshots below: