Indie Gala Friday Special Bundle For March 13, 2015

If you feel like going on a retro kick this weekend, then you might want to look into getting this week’s Friday Special Indie Gala bundle. While $1 gets you Streets of Chaos and Orc Attack, for only $2.99, you can get those games and a slew of others. The retro-inspired fun comes in the form of Pushcat and samurai_jazz. The former combines Dig Dug and Columns, while the latter is an 8-bit inspired brawler with a bit of bloodshed thrown in. You also get Leona’s Tricky Adventures, Phoenix Force, HyperRogue, Shelter, Snowcat Simulator, Ski-World Simulator (no Sea World Simulator?), Majestic Nights, and Proxy Blade Zero. This super-low $3 price tag ends on at 3 PM EST on March 14, so jump on it if anything included interests you.