Battlefield Hardline Face-Off: PC vs. PS4

Alongside our review of Battlefield Hardline, we decided to take some comparison shots between two versions: PC and PlayStation 4.

It should be noted that the PlayStation 4 versions runs natively at 900p, so it’s definitely not as crisp as the PC release, but there are some differences other than that. The PC version includes more aliasing options, more flexible resolutions (as per usual), higher resolution shadows, more foliage (although comparison #12 has a couple extra strands of tall grass in the foreground that’s in favor of PS4) and slightly sharper textures. The PS4’s shadow resolution is about equivalent to the PC’s medium setting. While this is a clear advantage for the PC release, the PS4 version is no slouch, either, especially considering the solid frame rate. The two versions are much closer than you’d think and would be closer to par if it weren’t for the lower resolution.

On the left side we have the PC version running maxed out at 1080p (although anti-aliasing is only set at 2x MSAA). On the right is the PlayStation version.

In addition, here are four images of the first comparison shot but displayed on the PC’s preset graphical settings: Low, Medium, High and Ultra.