Humble Roguelikes Bundle 2 Released

This week’s Humble Bundle is a must for those who either love or are looking to get into Roguelikes. The pay what you want tier gets you Vertical Drop Heroes HD, A Wizard’s Lizard, and The Nightmare Cooperative. Paying more than about $5 to beat the average gets you those games as well as Road Not Taken and Delver in Early Access. Big spenders can use $8 to get everything and Heavy Bullets as well.

Going off of what’s seen in the trailers, the pay what you want tier is a must because of how accessible the games are. In the case of Vertical Drop Heroes HD, you get something that blends action with platforming, while A Wizard’s Lizard is a bit like an overhead Legend of Zelda game. It’s also got some twin-stick action going on, and as a lover of that, I can really see this being something that can act as a gateway game for the genre. Soul Fjord on the OUYA had a similar concept and won me over with a Roguelite setup fairly easily.