Look at this Photo-Realistic Hamburger in Battlefield Hardline

When we play video games, the last thing we’re thinking about is eating. Alright, that’s a complete lie, it’s the first thing we’re thinking of and we’re likely actually doing it the entire time. As such, it’s impossible not to have our eye drawn by all the tasty morsels peppered throughout modern video games, but this hamburger cameo in Battlefield Hardline is perhaps the most impressive foodstuff yet.

Feast your eyes:

That is some astounding 3D modeling right there; not even Burger King could cook up a burger that looked so real. Notice, if you will, the perfectly proportioned bite marks that that match up the human jaw. The carefully unfolded wrapper. The ketchup and mustard markings surrounding the hamburger. Designing this burger was not an assignment Visceral took lightly and it shows.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to next-gen.