Sony Killing MLB 14 Servers One Year After Release

Purchasing yearly sports games is a cruel mistress. While buying a game like Bloodborne could hypothetically bring years and years of timeless fun, yearly sports titles are rendered practically dead only a year after release. Of course, there will also be diehard fans and penny pinchers alike that continue playing in spite of outdated rosters simply for the fun of the game. For MLB 14: The Show owners, however, that will soon prove impossible.

Sony has announced that MLB 14: The Show will no longer be playable online for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita as of June 18.

The game was released on April 1 for PS3 and PS Vita and May 6 for PS4, so the move comes barely a year since the original release.

While the user count of sports games undoubtedly dwindles after the successor is released, a one year life cycle seems awfully short. But we suppose these are the kind of decisions you can make when you’re the only baseball game in town.

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