Hideo Kojima Back in Latest Metal Gear Solid V Marketing

The rumors of Hideo Kojima and Konami parting ways hit a boiling point last week and have sense seemingly been accepted as fact. One of the main things that fueled the initial rumor was the removal of “A Hideo Kojima Game” from the box art of Metal Gear Solid V: A Phantom Pain. Perhaps the news of the death of Kojima and Konami’s relationship have been greatly exaggerated, however, as we spotted Hideo Kojima in the latest marketing for the game.

As seen in the screen capture of the trailer (which happens to revolve around the game’s limited edition watch), “A Hideo Kojima Game” is back in place above the Metal Gear Solid V logo:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.15.59 AM

While it’s possible that this trailer was produced before the alleged falling between the two, the fact that Konami scrubbed Kojima’s name from the cover art in other places so quickly yet left it here does bring up the possibility that at least something between both parties has been remedied.

Check out the trailer for reference below: