No Physical Release for Arkham Knight on PC?

There’s an interesting rumor floating around Twitter and NeoGAF at the moment that signifies the change in distribution our industry is undergoing. According to Twitter user and self-proclaimed video game journalist Joe Anderson (@_wotta), Batman: Arkham Knight will no longer have a physical installation disc on PC. He was informed of the news by his so-called suppliers, meaning that WB Games could have technically been behind this information. Granted, a great deal of PC gamers have long moved past physical discs, with a great deal of users not even building a disc drive into their custom PCs (my drive was literally only used for Windows 8.1 installation), but this is intriguing nonetheless.

Here’s the original tweet showing Anderson’s proclamation, as well as the aforementioned suppliers quote (which should be taken with a massive grain of salt, considering no one else has commented on this at the moment):

We’ll be sure to update you if any news comes out of this rumor.