System Shock-Inspired ‘Spirits of Xanadu’ Now Available on Steam

When it comes to classic PC games no list would be complete without System Shock 2 and Deus Ex. Today marks the launch of Spirits of Xanadu, an indie title which wholly embraces both games as influential in its creation.

Players jump into the shoes of a person whose task is to bring the research ship Xanadu to Earth. Until now, it has been completely desolate for years orbiting a planet at the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Once inside, you’ll need to contend with various puzzles, the ship’s robot-fueled security system, and simply explore. A no-combat “peaceful mode” is even available for those who¬†want to immerse themselves without worrying about robots.

Spirits of Xanadu is available with a launch week discount of $13.49 on Steam which ends on April 2. It includes Steam achievements, trading cards, and full controller support.