Grand Theft Auto V was Almost a Wii U Game

If you’re a PC player still waiting for the much-delayed port of Grand Theft Auto V, you might think you were dealt a rough hand compared to the PlayStation and Xbox players who have enjoyed a full two versions of the game. But nothing compares to Nintendo fans.

There was no reason to expect GTA V to come to Wii U, so Nintendo fans likely never carried any hope in their hearts of ever touching the game without having another console, but as reported by Unseen 64’s Tamaki, they might have had a shot, as Rockstar was apparently prototyping a version of the game for Wii U.

It’s definitely a bummer, but it’s not surprising to hear. Rockstar was one of many developers Nintendo hoped to court when it came to Wii U, but given sales of the system have been absolutely dismal since launch, it’s not hard to imagine why Rockstar never bothered to invest in developing a Wii U version any further. Maybe on the NX?