How to Get Bloodborne’s True Ending

Bloodborne doesn’t make anything easy. Not only is getting to the end a challenge that many won’t even be able to muster, but actually getting the “real” ending is a challenge in itself. If you’re nearing the end, stop whatever you’re doing and take a look at our below guide to ensure you get the best ending and not simply one of the default ones.

To receive the true ending, you’ll have to obtain three “One Third of Umbilical Cord” pieces.

Luckily, there’s four ways to accomplish this and here’s how:

1. You get one for killing Mergo’s Wet Nurse:

2. One is in the Abandoned Old Workshop:


3. If you met and saved Arianna, she will give birth to a child in the Tomb of Oedon sewers (go to the Cathedral Ward and backtrack down the ladder). Tragically, you must kill the baby.


4. Kill Iosefka in her clinic found at in the location the game begins at:

Now that you’ve obtained all three, you need to consume them as soon as possible. Here’s how they’ll look in your inventory:

You must consume all three before making the final choice of the game (“Refuse”), otherwise you will get one of the other, lesser, endings.

Then all that needs to be done is for the final boss to be slain, then the true final boss to be beaten. Easy, right?

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