ZRRO Squeaks by Kickstarter Goal

If you’ve ever wanted to play Android based games or apps on your TV, and don’t want to buy a Chromecast or Ouya you now have another option.

ZRRO is a touch-based system that allows you to play and use Android apps on your TV as if it was a tablet. All you need to do this is a ZRRO Pad, Box, and your TV.

The ZRRO Pad is a pretty sleek looking touch based controller that mirrors your fingers positions whether you’re touching it or not. If your fingers are hovering over the pad white circles appear on the screen for you to better gauge their position, and if you’re actually touching the pad white dots will appear. You can also use the usual touch gestures like pinching and dragging on the pad to further create the feeling of your TV being a large Android tablet.

The ZRRO Box has a quad core 2 GHZ processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 4K capabilities, 16 GB of storage, 2 USB 2.0 slots, HDMI slot and a microSD slot.

As of this writing ZRRO has 71 hours of funding to go and and currently has $200,898 pledged. If you want to contribute and get some of the backer rewards or find out some more information just head here. If you want to check the product out in action the video below shows the console off playing Clash of Clans.

ZRRO started its Kickstarter campaign in February and expects to mass produce their product come June. Assuming everything goes to plan ZRRO will start shipping this October.