Humble Indie Bundle 14 Released

The fourteenth entry in the Humble Indie Bundle is upon us and features a pretty stacked lineup. The pay what you want tier includes Pixel Piracy, UnEpic, and Super Splatters. Paying more than the average of about $5.50 gets you all of those games plus Outlast, Torchlight II, and La-Mulana presently. Beating the average also gets you any bonus games that are added to this tier, while $10 gets you everything and Shadow Warrior: Special Edition.

Spending more than $40 gets you some physical goodies in the Travelin Pack.┬áIf you’re interested in the special edition of Shadow Warrior, then this is a must-buy bundle because you get everything for just the cost of upgrading the base game to the SE. This is one of the best indie-centric bundles yet, as just UnEpic and Pixel Piracy make the pay what you want tier a must, while those on the fence may want to wait and see what other games get added to the mix.