The Snack World’s English Trailer Gets US Ready for Multimedia Merchandising Blitz

Level 5 announced The Snack World yesterday for 3DS and mobile devices, complete with hefty eight minute Japanese trailer.  For those wondering what all the hijinks were about, it’s now available in English.  Admitted, it doesn’t say anything about how the game will actually play no matter which version you watch, but at least it’s understandable.  Just be warned going in that the dubbing quality gave me serious Gitaroo Man flashbacks.

The Snack World is Level 5’s next multimedia push, backed up by a cartoon and manga series.  It also supports physical keychain trinkets with NFC chips built in, so you can import the item into your game.  It’s all a bit merchandise-y, but Level 5 usually does good work so with any luck, whatever it is The Snack World turns out to be, it will be a good game first with some fun extras built around it.