Dissidia Final Fantasy Being Developed by Team Ninja

According to Dengeki, Dissidia Final Fantasy will be developed by Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja and will be using the PlayStation 4’s core system of technology.

While it may be using the PS4’s core system Dissidia will be exclusive to arcades for at least a year. Also shared was the fact that Square plans to release Dissidia come this fall meaning the earliest we could see it on consoles is fall 2016. Come April 17 there will be location tests at the Aichi and Miyagi prefectures until April 19 and another round of tests from April 24 – April 26 in Osaka and Fukuoka.

Popular Japanese gaming site 4Gamer has also learned that director Takeo Kujiraoka is planning on a roster of over 50 characters including timed releases. In addition to those will be updates to character costumes, stages, summons, music, gameplay systems and balance tweaks.

Below are pictures from the Closed Conference via Dengeki. There are some screenshots of the work in progress and also pictures of the arcade structure. The structure is still being worked on as well so it’s subject to change, but is supposed to have a very Final Fantasy feel to it. The controllers do have PlayStation buttons on them and the crystal is to be used in team summons during the game.