Halo: Online Player Captures Gameplay Footage; Watch While You Can

Halo: Online is an upcoming free-to-play shooter using the Halo 3 engine coming exclusively to Russia on PC, so naturally, everybody wants to see what’s it’s all about. Players have been using different methods like virtual private networks to try to fool the system’s region-lock into allowing them to play the game, which, as the player who captured the gameplay footage below illustrates, does affect the quality of a match.

But Microsoft has already been taking down videos of players who managed to sneak into the shooter in its relatively early development state and issued them strikes against their accounts; there’s no guarantee that this video won’t get taken shortly as well, so watch it while you can.

Microsoft has been especially protective of Halo: Online as it simultaneously tries to capture a Russian audience that tends to only play free games without also letting in players from the rest of the world — especially North America — who are used to paying for their access to Halo. Microsoft has little incentive to offer most players a free way to play Halo multiplayer when they’d rather those players buy Halo: The Master Chief Collection in preparation for Halo 5 — all exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One console — so unless you’re willing to do a little Internet gymnastics to play Halo: Online yourself, watching videos of it before they can taken down might be your only chance to see the game in action.