New DLC and Update for Kalimba Next Week

We quite enjoyed the hair-pulling platforming antics of Kalimba on Xbox One, and next week it will be getting some new content to add to the fun, in the form of a free update and some DLC.

The free update is a hefty one, as it will add two new game modes: Llama Mode and Puma Mode. Llama Mode is a local multiplayer mode which allows up to six players to compete for the fastest times, while Puma Mode allows you to compete against ghost A.I that is based on real players for leaderboard rankings.

There will also be two DLC packs: Dark Void and Co-Optimistic. Dark Void adds ten new levels that will demonstrate a new mechanic, while Co-Optimistic will add ten new co-op levels. The good news is that the DLC will be free until May 6, after which they will be available for $3.99 a pop or $5.99 together as a bundle.

Furthermore, the PC version of Kalimba is set to launch on April 22 along with the new content.