Hipsters vs Zombies – A Beat ’em Up with Playable Hipsters

Chances are, most folks out there aren’t particularly interested in playing as hipster game protagonists. Heck, they’re even probably tired of the whole zombie phase by now. Despite all this, there’s something about Arpic Games’ Hipsters vs Zombies that is hilarious enough to draw attention.

Maybe it’s the fact that protagonists Sugar and Ulysses both fight with “hipster” weaponry: Tattoo guns, vinyls, typewriters, and Warbucks Coffee. Or maybe it’s┬áthe cartoony artstyle which ensures the hipsters look more cuddly than anything else.

Whatever the case, Hipsters vs Zombies is one unique beat ’em up. Keep an eye out as it is planned for a launch on Kickstarter soon.