The 12 Year Old POSTAL 2 gets Paradise Lost DLC Today

POSTAL 2, the controversial first person shooter which has players wreaking havoc on the city of Paradise as POSTAL Dude, gets its second piece of DLC since it was originally released over 12 years ago on April 14, 2003, with the first being Apocalypse Weekend back in 2005.

The game has gotten a host of free updates such as new guns and features from the developers since it was released on Steam, and according to the developers there was a demand for a full blown piece of DLC.

“To be honest we never even thought about making an add-on for POSTAL 2 until it became obvious that the core POSTAL fans and new blood gamers would love it,” Running with Scissors said to Inside Gaming Daily when the Paradise Lost was first announced last year.

The long-awaited expansion will feature the POSTAL Dude’s original voice actor, Rick Hunter, as well as “other lovable and familiar characters.”  Paradise Lost takes place 10 years after POSTAL 2’s first expansion, Apocalypse Weekend, and features a full week of missions, new weather zones, dual wielding power ups, and all new boss fights.

“Our fans have given us so much and we proudly honor them with our version of unadulterated fun. We welcome all gamers, old and new, to play and deliver themselves from evil in the new Paradise Lost. We love you,”  Vince Desi, Running with Scissors’ CEO said in a press release.  It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye, before fire-bombing passersby and peeing on their corpses.

POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost is available for PC now through Steam, and will be released for Mac and Linux “as soon as possible.”  Check out the release trailer below to see the release trailer for the update, but be warned, it definitely shows its age.