Gamer Created a Personal Cloud-Gaming Service, and So Can You

OnLive announced that they would be shutting down their streaming service for good at the end of this month, which has unsurprisingly upset some of the streaming service’s supporters.  While some took to griping on forums, OnLive user Larry Gadea decided to take action.

Gadea used Steam’s in-home streaming service along with Amazon web hosting to create his own “mini-OnLive” to play on his $1,000 gaming PC using only his considerably underpowered Macbook Air.

Basically, Gadea converted his gaming PC to a windows based server using Amazon Web Services and tricked it into thinking it was on the same local network as his Macbook using the virtual private network program Hamachi, allowing him to run games from the laptop using Steam in-home streaming.  It’s a pretty slick setup, and the cost, according to Gadea, is only about $0.52 per hour.

For more in-depth details on exactly how to set up your own cloud-gaming service, check out Gadea’s tutorial.