Two Kitties Are Twice as Cute and Troublesome in I & Me

Puzzle-platformers are a dime a dozen, especially on Steam’s Greenlight, but that doesn’t mean the right presentation can’t sneak its way past one’s jaded defenses and elicit a heartfelt “D’awwww…..!”  I & Me managed just that, with a super-cute style starring a pair of fluff-balls that move in unison through some very pretty side-scrolling levels, solving puzzles where the object is to get the pair to their exits.  Because they move together, though, there are some difficulties in lining things up right.

Take the simple bit at 1:00 in the trailer below, which looks to be a fairly early puzzle.  There are two jumps in different spots, and if you just hop over the water then the other cat will land on spikes.  The trick is to back up to the beginning, where one cat can move farther back than the other, so when the lower cat jumps the water the top one doesn’t impale itself.  Then the top cat jumps over its line of spikes, drops straight down off the edge of the platform, and the level completes.  Things get trickier fairly  soon, with areas requiring precise positioning for jumps, sheep you can bounce off to reach higher areas, teleporter puzzles, and even one where you can only see dangers within the lit area of a lantern.  I & Me’s Greenlight page promises 80 levels of puzzling, all presented with its super-cute characters, lovely art, and relaxing musical score.  While the trailer looks promising it’s always hard to form a decent opinion without some hands-on time, but at the very least I & Me couldn’t be much more adorable.