Avalanche Studios Extorting Twitter Followers to Reveal Just Cause 3 Trailer

Ah the good old days, when gaming trailers would be released on YouTube so that legions of gamers could watch a product in the making and decide whether or not to jump on the hype train or not. It was a glorious time filled with excitement at ease. But we’re now entering a new era where watching a trailer simply isn’t that easy.

Avalanche Studios has today announced that they will only reveal the new Just Cause 3 trailer when they reach certain benchmarks on Twitter.

First it was 500 retweets:

Then that was accomplished:

But sadly, was not enough when 1000 new followers were solicited:

And they’re quite serious. They’ve been tweeting a storm since then giving updates and pushing to reach 10,000 followers. Even though they are just 50 away, they still just won’t give us a trailer until enough followers are had.

And once 10,000 were reached, only a slight amount of the trailer was peeled away, which is odd considering before they said 10k  would “achieve the target”:

Honestly, it’s a bit of a gross practice. Trailers are meant to build hype for something you want people to buy, so dangling it like a carrot to push your social media presence seems unfair to fans.

Of course, if the trailer is a let down, this will be a major backfire. But at only 50 or so followers shy of the target, we’ll know soon.