Modder Trolls Valve’s Monetized Mods with “Give Me Money for No Reason” Mod

A modder named Nerd of Prey on the popular online modding community Nexus Mods has released a mod that teases Valve’s recent introduction of monetization to the Steam Workshop.

The mod’s description makes it obvious that the new NPC, a begger named Beth, is a jab at Valve’s new service, stating:

She actually seems to be pretty well-off already, based on her expensive clothes and jewelry,
but rain or shine you can find her out there begging for more money with a smile on her face.
Regardless of her situation, she will accept every coin you feel like throwing her way.

You can check out the mod on Nexus Mods.  The “Give Me Money for No Reason” mod only requires the Skyrim base game to play.