Xenoblade Chronicles X Locales Get Localized Names

Xenoblade Chronicles X’s locations have been known for a little while, but what we didn’t know is if the names would be changed for the English release. We got a handful of new names today. You’ll be able to explore the areas of Noctilum, Oblivia, Sylvalum, and Cauldros. Noctilum is a jungle-like setting with lush plantlife. Oblivia is, as the name implies, a bit of a wasteland.

It’s very similar to a desert with a lot of dust kicking up all over the place. Sylvalum is a gorgeous area with lush skies and an almost above-water Atlantis look to it. Cauldros is a giant lava-filled area with impressive-looking fire effects. It’s definitely not the most unique location or name though. Nintendo also changed the names of the mechs from Dolls to Skells. Both names are kind of lame — with Dolls sounding a bit girly, and Skells evoking absolutely no thought or emotion.