Short Batman: Arkham Knight Trailers Tease What’s to Come

There’s not much to see in these two newly released trailers for Batman: Arkham Knight besides a close-up shot of someone’s legs walking through what seems to be a small fire and a sneak peak into the hi-jinks of Catwoman. The first has a pair of legs decked in boots and kneepads but nothing else can be discerned from the footage. The next shows Catwoman looking a little beat up with a deep scratch across her cheek, though she seems completely unfazed. The feline foe has been a longtime menace to our caped crusader, but it isn’t clear if she is a friend or foe in this appearance

The first is titled “3 Days” and the Catwoman trailer is called “2 Days,” which means we’ll get another tomorrow. The end of the video promotes an upcoming trailer titled “All Who Follow You,” which will be released on April 27 which is sure to include more action and information on Batman: Arkham Knight.