New Mario Maker Footage Will Make You Want a Wii U

Oh man. I haven’t had a super great reason to buy a Wii U until Mario Maker decided to come along and prove why it’s the only game worth getting excited about anymore. Really, after watching this footage from Game Center CX SP at NicoNico Chokaigi 2015, it’s a wonder why the rest of the games industry is even still trying. Nintendo is building the game to end all games here, you guys. Hang it up.

You can see a lot of interesting new details about the game if you’re paying attention — like swimming Goombas — but the big takeaway here is that Nintendo seems to be doing right by the concept. The levels shown off here look fun and creative in a completely different way from traditional Mario levels, and that’s the point: we’ve seen what Nintendo can do with these excellent gameplay mechanics; now let’s see what everyone else can do. An endless supply of Mario levels sounds all right to me.

Besides, just watching these guys play the game while onstage in front of a crowd, even if you don’t know Japanese, is a pretty entertaining and funny watch on its own.