Tekken 7’s Latest Character is Some Kind of Weird Robot Man

Tekken 7 has had a lot of character reveals in recent months, but most of them have been like “Guy Wearing Jeans” or “That Lady Who Forgot to Get Dressed,” but today’s character reveal is “Some Kind of Weird Robot Man,” or “Gigas” for short.

Sporting a bunch of cords coming off his back that look like dreadlocks when he fights, Gigas seems like a power character, a slow-but-tough type who throws you up in the air like a toy and shoulder bashes you across the stage. He seems like the kind of character you shouldn’t let corner you ever and really just try to keep your distance from him. A light, fast character would be a good counter to him, just so long as you’re able to use those quick attacks to interrupt his longer windups.

Tekken 7 is already out in Japanese arcades with a release date for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One rumored to be coming in July.