Konami Confirms Silent Hills is Officially Cancelled

This past weekend has been absolutely devastating for Silent Hill fans. Not only was P.T. announced to soon be pulled from virtual shelves, but both Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus revealed that their upcoming Silent Hills was no more.

While that was all the confirmation we needed to know the game was dead, Konami has gone ahead and made it official today.

In a statement to Kotaku, Konami stated:

“Konami is committed to new Silent Hill titles, however the embryonic ‘Silent Hills’ project developed with Guillermo del Toro and featuring the likeness of Norman Reedus will not be continued.

In terms of Kojima and Del Toro being involved, discussions on future Silent Hill projects are currently underway, and please stay tuned for further announcements.”

So long, Silent Hills. We hardly knew ye.