WWE 2K15 Now Available on PC

WWE 2K15’s PC release was finally announced a couple of weeks ago with a vague “spring” release date. Now, the mystery of the game’s release date has been solved as it’s available now. This version of the game comes with most DLC packs, but no Paige as a playable character for whatever reason. The whole package is $49.99, so it’s a bit cheaper than even the base game on current-generation consoles.

The PC version is based on the current-generation versions, so even though the last-gen versions allowed for attire color changing, you can’t do that here without using up a creation slot. Also, the game keeps the current-generation limit of 25 characters. Reviews are mixed on Steam so far, with some having pretty good setups and still have trouble getting the game working. We don’t have the game just yet, so we can’t independently confirm these issues right now.